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Bookkeeping Terms

Bookkeeping Terms

Want to have some insightful, informed conversations with your bookkeeper? Do you want to increase your bookkeeping knowledge? Hiring a registered bookkeeper is considered good business practice in many industry circles. But just because you delegate your bookkeeping...

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How to Make your Business a Lean Mean Fighting Machine (Part 3)

So here it is the final section of our 3-part series on How to make your Business a Lean Mean Fighting Machine. And we think that it is THE biggest backbone area of any business. Get it right first time and you shouldn’t have any problems going forward. HouseKeeping...

How to make your Business a Lean Mean Fighting Machine (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our series to a Lean Mean Fighting Machine Business we look at ways to Keep the Cash flowing in your Business. Margins You must try to maintain margins as much as possible – not just through more sales but by good cost management. Competitors may falter...

Plan to Survive by Reducing Expenditure

Expense blow outs are inevitable in business. Reducing expenditure should be looked at regularly to help strengthen your business. Strengthen your Business Strengthening your business doesn’t just involve financial management, but also includes strategies to retain...